Sometimes having fun with your fellow employees’ pulls you closer. It is said that the office that pranks together, always stays together. If you are new to pranking, do not worry because this article will give you the best tips on how to prank your fellow employee and you will all have fun.

•Playing with the boss. Take one of the fancy chairs in your boss’s office in the morning before he arrives and switch it with your fellow’s seat, make sure he has the ugliest seat and will be probably surprised and happy when they see their “new” chair. Your boss will probably be mad when he finds out that your co-worker stole his seat or took it away. Make sure your boss has a good sense of humor.

•The tape recorder. Get a fully charged tape recorder and fast forward it to almost halfway. Then make a funny recording of that will prank your co-worker. Something like a funny ringtone or a voice like “open the door! Open the door!” as you knock the tape recorder with your knuckles. Late the tape in the recorder run a few seconds and do it as many times as possible. Rewind the tape, then hide it in their cabinet. Just when they are about to be in the vicinity, play the recorder and wait.

•The air horn office chair. This is the best if you want to scare someone off. Get a new air horn, a plumbing plug, zip ties and an electrical tape. Use the electrical tape to conceal the horn if you think they may notice the horn. Attach the horn to the base of their chair using the zip ties after positioning it on the lower part of the chair perfectly. After you have done this, lower the seat to its lowest setting. Once they sit down, they will trigger the air horn and will most probably startle the whole office.

•Computer language. If your workmate leaves their computer unlocked, you can punish them by changing the keyboard layout to a different language like Hindu or even Dvorak. This will be effective if they are not computer savvies. To do this, go to the Region and Language section of the control panel, select the ‘Keyboards and Languages part’. Select on change keyboards. Add a new keyboard. Scroll down to the language of your preference and choose the language and go back. On the taskbar select the newly added keyboard and everything afterwards will be gobbledygook!

•The drawer pool. Most office desk drawers are made of plastic trays that can hold water. If this is what your office is made of, remove all the files in the lowest drawer and fill it to the brim with water close it gently so that it does not splash the water out. After this, try to make them search for something that was in that drawer. Watch as water splashes out on their laps.

•The mouse is not working. This will work for any types of computer mouse. Just put a piece of paper tape on the lower part of the mouse. The mouse will not work and will make them crazy especially if they have something urgent to do. You can also put a funny picture on the lower part of the mouse to let them know who did that.